Sunday, January 18, 2009

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* PM: We reserve right to renew op Following the renewal of Gaza rocket-fire after the start of an Israeli unilateral cease-fire in the Strip, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that the morning's events showed how "fragile" the truce was and emphasized that Israel would renew the military offensive in the territory if the attacks don't stop.

* EU leaders meet in Egypt over Gaza European and Arab leaders racing to consolidate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas pressed on Sunday for an end to weapons smuggling into Gaza and for the opening of the territory to humanitarian aid.

* IDF troops begin to gradually withdraw from the Gaza Strip The IDF began to gradually withdraw from the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, nearly a day after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a unilateral cease-fire, and hours after Hamas and other Palestinian factions declared they, too, would honor the calm.

* Israel to open clinic for Gazans at Erez The Health Ministry was set to open a regional clinic at the Erez border crossing on Sunday afternoon to treat wounded Gazans.

* MKs on the Right reject any unilateral truce As the security cabinet convened on Saturday night to vote on a unilateral cease-fire, MKs from the Right expressed their disappointment with the expected agreement.

* Hamas, Jihad cease fire in Gaza Palestinian groups announce immediate truce by their fighters, allied groups in Gaza, say Israel has a week to pull out its troops from area.

* Foreign Press Association: We must report from Gaza Following publication of Gaza doctor's tragic lose of three daughters, niece in IDF shelling, FPA secretary stresses urgent need for journalists in Strip 'for independent, open reporting'

* Indonesian cleric calls for jihad in Gaza Abu Bakar Bashir urges Muslims to fight in Gaza Strip following Israeli attacks which have killed more than 1,200 Palestinians.

* IDF begins Gaza troop withdrawal, hours after ending 3-week offensive The Israel Defense Forces began a partial withdrawal of ground troops from the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, hours after ending a three-week offensive on the Hamas-ruled coastal territory.

* Woman wounded as Grad hits Ashdod Gaza terrorists continued to attack southern Israeli civilian areas on Sunday afternoon, despite the fact that the Israeli unilateral cease-fire had already been in effect since early that morning.